U-KISS to get all together for their own variety show once again!

U-KISS to get all together for their own variety show once again!

Right after U-KISS’s label NH EMG posted an official announcement on U-KISS’s official fan cafe, telling fans about the unexpected sudden news regarding Kevin’s departure, the company seems to be preparing a variety show that will gather all the members togethers.

The boys are practically legendary when it comes to having variety shows of their own, and this will be their first in a while. Titled ‘The Wild Kiss‘, the members will be heading off to tanzania under the theme ‘wild adventure‘.

Fans will not only get the chance to see their idols experiencing the great outdoors that tanzania has to offer as they explore the vast wilderness areas but also doing charity work.

The production crew relayed, “There are many people waiting for U-KISS’s variety show, a show where they get the chance to see the current members and the previous ones together. so we want to deliver it to viewers as fast as possible, but to make sure the production is completed to perfection, we will put our efforts into editing.”

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