140702 [Article] He’s Got Moves: Male Idols With The Best Choreography (June 2014)

Male K-Pop idols filled the month of June and helped us kick off what is sure to be a steamy summer.
June was full of major boy band comebacks and oh boy can those guys move!
Choreography has always been an integral part of the K-Pop experience and the extended dance sequences in music videos is definitely something worth noting.
However, in the long list of June releases, a few groups stand out for their superior dancing.
So which idols had the best choreography in June? Check out our picks for this month’s idols with the best moves.

U-KISS – “Don’t Flirt”

With the latest comeback from NH Media’s idol group U-KISS, the members went risque. After revealing sexy, mature teasers of the group members, including the newest addition Jun, U-KISS released their 19+ music video on June 2.
The sexually charged dance moves are not something to be missed and have helped U-KISS update their image to the public eye. “Don’t Flirt” is a must-see.

GOT7 – “A”

JYP Entertainment’s newest idol group came back with their latest single, “A,” on June 23. In addition to having a super catchy hook, the the editing of the video makes for seamless transitions between scenes and the choreography. Having the dance routine split up adds an additional element of playfulness and the members incorporate some of their individual moves into the storytelling sequences. Not to be missed.

Boyfriend – “Obsession”
Boyfriend stepped it up with “Obsession,” released on June 4, and reinvented themselves as powerful dance-pop idols. The choreography is high energy and packs a punch and the video as a whole is super stimulating to the senses. The part with the stools is particularly clever and it is by far Boyfriend’s strongest dance performance to date.

Do you agree with our selections? Which idols do you think had the best choreography in June 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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