[Project] U-KISS 7th anniversary ~ 7 years in Heaven

To celebrate 7 years with our favorite idols, U-Kiss / Tunisian KISSMEs Official is preparing the biggest project so far.
To show our love, support and dedication to U-KISS, we have decided to make an anniversary project made up of 3 parts:

1- The Memories book: it will be a book passed along to all the KISSmes anywhere on the Tunisian soil, where they get to share their memories with U-KISS and write heartfelt letters to their favorite idols.

2- Special Gifts: the plan is to buy rings and necklaces with a special message carved in each one of them, these gifts will be sent to U-KISS along with the book.

3- Traditional Tunisian sweets: along with the book and the jewelry, a box of traditional Tunisian sweets will be sent in the package.

This is where we need your support: In order to buy the rings, necklaces and sweets, we need to raise a certain amount of money, so for those who are willing to help, please donate whatever amount you can master and deposit it to this E-Dinar card number: 5359 4017 0168 0007

Thank you so much for your support, and we wish to make this project successful, to mark 7 years in Heaven with our angels!


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