[News | Info] Cancellation of South American tour

Dear fan,
NH Media has decided to cancel the fanmeeting and the concert of UKISS in Peru and Bolivia, initially scheduled on April. After several shows in South America, UKISS has been invited by local organizers for a fanmeeting and a concert. Unfortunately, these local organizers which are Claudio Perez (Chile), Abel Espejo of ESUESA society (Bolivia) and Claudia Elizabeth Soto Chiccon of Estudio Juridico Fuentes & Soto Abrogados (Peru) started reservation and selling tickets before having our approval and before making the first payment as stipulated in the contracts.
UKISS was supposed to leave next week, we did everything possible to contact local organizers to have information about flights and hotels without success.
NH Media also received a proof of payment but the money never reached Korea for unclear reasons. Because of all of this, NH Media had no choice but to cancel the tour in South America in order to protect the interest of artists and fans.

NH Media has decided to take strong action against these organizers. NH Media will communicate their information to all Kpop industry to avoid this kind of situation in the future and to prevent them to work again with Kpop industry.
All UKISS members are very disappointed to not being able to keep their promise toward their fans and NH Media will work with serious partners to come back in South America as soon as possible.

From now, all communication about concerts and fanmeeting will be announce through official website and NH Media twitter only.
Other announcements from another source won’t be approved by NH Media and won’t have any official value.
Announcement from organizers won’t have any official value either.


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