150624 Kevin on Ameba Studio (trans of Two small parts) + videos

1. Daeyu: Kevin and I didn’t have meetings before the show right? But [last week] Kiseop came and met up with me and we had a meeting..for about 1 and a half hours

KV: What did you two talk about?

Daeyu: Kiseop was like – “Hyung, what should we do [on the show]??” “What should we talk about??” and I told him, “Everything will be fine!”

KV: *laughs* It’s more natural to just talk [freely] during live show, isn’t it?

Daeyu: He was really worried

KV: For us(KV & Daeyu) we probably only [discussed about it] for 10..? No, 5 minutes! It was like – “The show is like this.” “Okay I got it~ I’ll leave it to you hyung.” But hyung is really nice so I’m thankful

2.  Daeyu: Kiseop said you recently often went driving so you wouldn’t hangout with him.
KV: I wouldn’t hangout with him?? That’s not true! Because Kiseop bought a new car and he often [goes driving and] enjoy his time alone, so it’s hard to meet up with him. You can reach me anytime, Kiseop
Daeyu: Kiseop also wants me to ask you where you go and who you go with when you go driving?
KV: I always go driving with my friends~ Recently I went to a resort with a friend; it was a 2 hour drive from Seoul and the friend was a bit worried, but we arrived there safely~

Videos : Part1Part2Part3Part4Part5Part6Part7


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