150627 rough trans of Jade’s Weibo Update – message to KMs, after the fan-war between her fans and China KMs

“Privately, me and Eli get along very well, so I don’t want arguments between our fans. (…) I’m sorry for misunderstanding.” She also said, “You(referring to kissmes) said you visit the set three times, but I’ve only seen you once, which is the last time. I didn’t even see you during previous visits. When we were filming the office scene, I was upstairs all day. Even if you did come upstairs, there were so many actor/actress and staffs, I wouldn’t know which ones are Eli’s fans. (…) Privately I’m good friends with Eli, so why would I stare/roll eyes at his fans? Lastly, I shouldn’t have gotten involved in fans’ arguments, but I hope everyone be rational/reasonable.

Trans : @karenwu0109 + Screen Cap : @DaniellaWoo8


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