150714 U-KISS Japan Twitter Update

The blog has been updated. 『Soohyun’s Jacket Cover Photos』*

[T/N: UKISS_Japan made a mistake on their post title]

Title: Project Recruitment!!

Good evening, everyone!

Firstly, we’ve posted video of 「Hadaka no Jikan」 DVD Release Announcements on LaLaTV Official youtube!

There must be people who have purchased it already,
but for those who still haven’t purchased it yet, please be sure to watch this video here~

Then, today we are going to collect participants for a new project at 24:00,
so please check out our homepage~
This project is not only for U-KISS fans but also friends of U-KISS fans or people who at least know U-KISS’ name
where everyone helps to spread about U-KISS and wishes U-KISS can be recognized by many people.

In addition, if everyone has thought like “I want this kind of project!!”
“Can’t we do this event?”,
please kindly leave a comment here!!

EngTrans: @ukissjpn_eng


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