151029 (Article) U-KISS Kevin And Eli Cast To Play Idols In Upcoming Drama

U-KISS members Kevin and Eli will be making their acting return in the upcoming drama Only You.

The two idols were confirmed for the roles on Oct. 27, through a report by OSEN. Only You, produced by TV Joseon, centers around the stories of three individuals. One is a famous celebrity who does not believe in love, the second is a woman who has been betrayed by love, and the third is a man who dreams of becoming famous. The sixteen episode series will follow the three of them meeting and forming relationships with one another.

Kevin and Eli will take on the role of idols within the series. It was revealed that Kevin will play a character named Hong Suk who is the leader of a five-member group called “Pentagon.” Eli, playing the role of Kei, is also a member of “Pentagon” and is described as the energy and mood maker of the fictional group. “Pentagon” is said to showcase a different music style than anything U-KISS has done before, leaving fans eager to see Kevin and Eli in the drama.

Kevin and Eli are no strangers to television. Both have previously featured in a 2014 drama titled Mental Shooter as well as U-KISS’ own variety programs in Korea and Japan. Both are also prominent hosts for internationally target K-Pop programs. Eli hosted Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop while Kevin has garnered a number of fans as co-host for the popular After School Club. Since they have made their names as hosts many are excited to see them return to acting.

Only You will begin airing in December.

cr : kpopstarz


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