160531 U-KISS Interview: “We want to show our fans we’re doing well”


Between their busy activities in Japan and other countries, global idols U-KISS are back to greet their Korean fans with a new mini-album. U-KISS has been active for nine years, since their debut in 2008, and will greet their fans through music program appearances and variety shows, with release their 11th mini-album STALKER (t/n: Article has typo STOKER) on June 7th.

It has been a long time since their last Korean release, so we spoke with Kim Myung Hoon, their agency representative, about their comeback and what fans are curious about.

■ Why has it taken so long for the new Korean release?
We were only able to release the new song 1 year and 6 months after the last one because U-KISS have been busy with continuous activities in Japan, South America and North America and we werent able to find the right time. We couldnt wait any longer and decided to simultaneously do a comeback and the members solo activities.

■ What is the plan [for this comeback]?
Firstly, U-KISS will be performing on music programs to give fans the opportunity to listen to the new song as much as possible. Then, the members will appear on variety shows as a double unit or solo, for the general public to get to know them more. The comeback activity will only be for a month. The group has a concert in Japan scheduled and will spend the latter half of the year promoting overseas.

■ Will [the members] be doing individual activities simultaneously?
Soon and Jun were recently cast in the film Never Forget. A few days ago, they attend the first read-through. They will be attending their film schedules as well as the comeback activities. Theres a lot of anticipation for Hoons acting as he recently appeared on KBS1TVs daily drama, Sweet Home, Sweet Honey. In addition, Jun, the teams youngest, was cast in the film because of his great performance in the musical Run To You. Kevin is also preparing for his Japanese solo debut single, released in July. After leader Soohyun, he is the second member to pursue a solo.

■ What is the goal of the new album?
This album doesnt have any specific goals. Our fans continually show their love and support for U-KISS despite their busy schedules overseas, so we really wanted to see U-KISS through their group activities. For their support, U-KISS thinks they should show their fans how much theyve grown and matured as singers. The members will work hard to balance their individual activities and the comeback at the same time.

■ What does this album focus on?
Well be showing the mature side of the members. Theyve been receiving attention from the public from their continuous teaser releases from the 23rd to the 26th. The mature side of U-KISS was shown in the music video teaser on the 31st. This album has been prepared so that you can hear the memberss singing abilities. Well work hard to greet you with great music and stage. Please give them lots of support.

Credits: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET


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