160623 [Article] U-KISS Soohyun gave LABOUM’s Yujeong allowance money?


On the June 22 airing of KBS2‘s ‘MV Bank Stardust 2‘, U-KISS guested and talked about their long-awaited comeback!

During the broadcast, member Hoon picked up a question that asked, Soohyun,LABOUM‘s Yujeong said that you gave her allowance money when she went vacationing. Why did you give her money?”

Soohyun, flustered, responded, “It’s a misunderstanding. I gave it to all of the LABOUM members and their staff, so they could eat something delicious.” To this,Kevin asked, “So you didn’t specifically give it to Yujeong, but to all of [LABOUM]?” 

“Yujeong is the oldest, which is why I gave the money to her and put her in charge of it. So it must have caused some misunderstandings,” Soohyun followed up.

The fellow U-KISS members also stepped up to defend Soohyun, with Hoon adding,“Soohyun often gives the members allowance money.” Eli also stated, “Soohyun always lends me cash when I’m not carrying any. But he always says I don’t have to pay him back.” 

The leader then explained, “I don’t like things like that. Relationships between people is more important to me than money. I don’t see it as a loss.” 

So much NH ENG love and U-KISS love!


Cr : allkpop


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